Wednesday, April 25, 2007

DJs Suspended Over "Flied Lice"

The hosts of WFNY-FM's "The Dog House With JV and Elvis," have been suspended indefinitely without pay because of a skit broadcast the day after Don Imus made his infamous remark, and rebroadcast again last week. The duo reportedly have been "campaigning online and on the air in support of Imus". In the broadcast, someone calls a Chinese restaurant and uses sexually denigrating and culturally offensive language (eg. attempting to order "shrimp flied lice"). The station is current running "The Best of The Dog House" during the suspension, which indicates the duo will probably be returning to the air.

5/13/2007 UPDATE: CBS has announced that it is canceling, "The Dog House With JV and Elvis".
"This is a victory not only for the Asian-American community, but for all communities who find themselves constant targets of racist and sexist programming," said Jeanette Wang, an executive with the Organization of Chinese Americans.


At 12:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My skin tone or ethnicity doesn't matter in the following statement: COMEDY IS NOT HATE! Lighten up. I never liked Imus but I stand for his right to be a jerk. The calling for firings by special interest groups will only lead to further separation of the races. Special interest groups are the most racist organizations because they only care or fight for what affects their group. This is AMERICA Jack and we were founded on the basic human

right of freedom of speech and religion. Other countries may oppress their public, but don't bring that here. People are paying attention and will take action if you continue to dilute the American way.

Now I am not advocating hate speech, which this clearly wasn't. I am merely stating that we as Americans have the right to say what we want no matter how stupid. And yes you have the right to get offended. You also have the right to not listen to the words. I don't like soft dramas about housewives, you know what? I don't watch them. All these groups are trying to do is force people to conform to their idea of what is offensive and what

is not. What is offensive and what is not is in the mind of the individual and people are smart enough to decide what is hate filled and what is not. THIS IS JUST A WAY FOR THESE ORGANIZATIONS TO GAIN SOME PUBLICITY.

If anyone bothered to do their homework, you would have found out that JV's wife IS ASIAN. It totally takes away your credibility when you fail to recognize this fact and the fact that this was a joke. Last time I checked jokes were legal, or maybe the outlawing of comedy is what they're after. Well then they can move to a country that censors everything and be happy if that is what they want.

Maybe these words I have written will get through to them. Maybe they'll realize that by shutting shows down you are ruining the lives of all those working on the show, directly taking food from their families. This is obviously not a concern of theirs, the only concern seems to be gaining publicity for their organizations.


At 11:31 PM, Blogger Doran said...

Just a couple points to fan the flame.

1. My post doesn't advocate or support their suspension. I posted it because I do think the timing of the broadcast is notable. It's clear they were trying to make a point.

2. It seems people often think freedom of speech means freedom from responsibility for what is said.

Also, while many folk believe as you do that "Americans have the right to say what we want no matter how stupid", that is simply incorrect. Look up slander sometime. Or perhaps FCC vs. Pacific Foundation. Then there's that whole yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theater thing. Add to that the distinction between commercial and political speech. There are many restrictions on saying what we want, no matter how stupid.

3. This isn't government censorship. The whole "Other countries may oppress their public, but don't bring that here" thing doesn't even apply, since there's no government involved here. And there's really no "oppression", other than employees being suspended from their job.

While these guys have a right to say offensive things, in jest or otherwise, their employer most likely has the right to fire them for it.

4. This wasn't a joke, but a prank where the humor is at the expense of an unsuspecting individual. There's a difference between telling an offensive story and making fun of somebody's ethic background. I notice you make no mention of the guy who was called. Does he have any rights in this?

5. BTW, anybody who does their homework will find that I am a broadcaster (over twenty years now), and an advocate for freedom of expression. But that still doesn't mean I can say whatever I want without consequences.


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