Thursday, April 24, 2008

CIA Renditions Will Continue

As a result of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit brought by Amnesty International USA and others, the CIA has identified 7,000 items regarding U.S. detention and interrogation programs. Included in the filing was an acknowledgment that the current CIA rendition programs will continue.

They also withheld 19 documents, citing "presidential communications privilege." At least one person at Amnesty thinks these remaining documents might be incriminating.
"For the first time, the CIA has acknowledged that extensive records exist relating to its use of enforced disappearances and secret prisons," Curt Goering, AIUSA senior deputy executive director, said in a statement yesterday. "Given what we already know about documents written by Bush administration officials trying to justify torture and other human rights crimes, one does not need a fertile imagination to conclude that the real reason for refusing to disclose these documents has more to do with avoiding disclosure of criminal activity than national security."


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