Sunday, October 21, 2007

Plame was Tracking Iranian WMD

Reports are coming out that Valerie Plame "was involved in operations to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons" when she was outed by Robert Novak. CBS is expected to confirm this on tonight's edition of 60 Minutes. If true, her exposure may have seriously undermined the safety of the United States.
Speaking under strict confidentiality, intelligence officials revealed heretofore unreported elements of Plame's work. Their accounts suggest that Plame's outing was more serious than has previously been reported and carries grave implications for U.S. national security and its ability to monitor Iran's burgeoning nuclear program.


At 3:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wrong venue, wrong place. Closed Intelligence Committee hearings to establish the Cheney conspiracy are needed with Colin Powell as star witness and the Wilsons too. People that changed WMD data to go to war in Iraq still have not paid the price. With the devastation we caused, the cost in men, dollars, world prestige,loss in the Arab streets viewpoint against terrorists, Iraq intervention has been a blight to our noble history.


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