Friday, January 20, 2006

MSNBC: Critics = Osama

That seems to be the line coming out of the right-wing media today. First there was the news about Chris Matthews comparing Osama's recent audio tape to Michael Moore. That lead to a number of folks asking how the neo-cons would have reacted if it was Mr. O'Reilly or Hannity who was compared to a murderous terrorist. The comment counter on this issue at OpenLetterToChrisMatthews has broken because of the amount of feedback. Demands for an apology are mounting.

Now, word of more bashing over at MSNBC as Kellyanne Conway (wife of long-time anti-Clinton activist George Conway) and Joe Scarborough go falling all over themselves to equate critics of the war with Bin-Laden.

Conway: If you held a piece of tissue paper between some of the comments that Bin Laden today and some of the comments that the president's detractor's say-it would be very difficult to stick more than a piece of tissue paper between--there's not much of a difference.

Scarborough: When you look at what Osama Bin Laden said it sounds an awful lot like what we hear the President's political enemies domestically---not only like what a lot of democratic senators have been saying, but also what one or two movie makers have been saying over the past several years...

So, got that? Here it is again, in case you missed it: "sounds an awful lot like what we hear the President's political enemies domestically". Yea, and Scarbourough is sounding a lot like a different Joe: McCarthy.


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